Rental photo booth FAQ’s

How much of a deposit is required to reserve my date?

We require a $200 deposit to formally book your date.

Do the guests have to put money in?

No, guest are allowed to take unlimited photos during the event.

How many photos do we get?

An unlimited amount.

What do the photos look like?

All photos are digitally processed and printed in duplicate on photo stock paper for unsurpassed quality. Each 2″ X 6″ strips contains four to three photos on it. You can have color, black and white, cool hairdos, and choose from 96 different borders.

What areas do you service to?

Tahoe/Reno Area, Sacramento Area, Bay Area, Central Valley, Northern CA and Southern Oregon. We also like road trips too which means any Northern California areas. If you live outside these areas give us a call.

Do you have an attendant onsite?

Yes, a qualified attendant will stay onsite the entire event.

Do you provide a copy of all the images taken at the event?

Yes, we provide a USB memory stick with every image.

Can the pictures be customized or have a special message displayed on them?

Yes. Send us a special phrase and we will format it for you. It will show up in place of the fourth photo.

What is the size of the photo booth?

29″ W x 38″ L x 75″ H and 400lbs. Our booths are designed for portability, allowing us to place it in almost any spot while remaining discreet.

What is the quality of your photographs?

The printer that prints the strips is the best in the business. In other words, the photographs are awesome.

How fast do your photo booths work?

Our photo booths print and cut two identical photo strips in only 12 seconds!

How long in advance should I reserve my photo booth?

The sooner the better! Many of our customers reserve their photo booth six months or longer before the date of their event. We have multiple photo booths and we want to crash everyone’s party, but we book quickly during the wedding season.

What is Scrapbooking?

During your rental, the attendant will take one of the duplicate photo strips that print out and place it into your scrapbook. Your guests will then write a note next to their picture. The scrapbook will be completed by the end of the party and the attendant will give it to a designated person.