To have a wedding Coordinator or Not…

Do I Need a Wedding Coordinator?

“Oh, I don’t need a wedding coordinator”
“I cannot afford a wedding coordinator”
“My venue has an event coordinator”
“My mother/aunt/best friend is helping me plan”
“My wedding is a destination, do I really need an event coordinator?”

These are all things that we have heard before from brides. We at PicBox Photo Booth went right to the experts to find out the truth about having a wedding coordinator. First and for most, brides, if you say you cannot afford a wedding coordinator you most likely are wrong. Lori with Lori Cole Events tells us, “I have been planning weddings, community events, and social occasions, for twenty-nine years, and unless you have an open check book in regards to what you will spend on your big day, the single most important item to plan is your budget, even if it is just a basic overview.” Your wedding coordinator will help you prioritize. “I suggest making a list of all the major categories and prioritizing them. Spend more on the items you rank highest and do the best you can with the others” said Lori Cole. This becomes easier if you have a budget in mind and know roughly the amount you have to spend on the big day you can budget for a wedding coordinator.
“My venue has an event coordinator.” This may very well be true, yet Liane McCombs from Liane McCombs Weddings and Event Planning, LLC. Says it best, “Facility coordinators are NOT personal wedding coordinators. Facilities often employ staff to oversee each event, while they do not even closely compare to the services provided by a professional wedding coordinator. This is oftentimes a mistake made by couples, only to realize that after their event, they wished they had hired a personal coordinator, to give them the guidance they needed throughout their planning process, and on their wedding day.” If you are unsure if you have a wedding coordinator or a venue/catering coordinator ask yourself these few questions:
Will you make my dress fitting appointment?
Will you come with me to my floral consultation?
Will you create a custom guest book for us?
Will you create my invitations for me?
What do I do if my mom and my step mom do not want to sit near each other?
Do I put my gift registry invitation in my invitations?

Chances are, if the answer is “no” to all or any of these questions, you do not have a wedding planner, you have a venue or catering manager said Lori.
Another thing frequently from brides when it comes to wedding coordinators is, “My mother/aunt/best friend is helping me plan.” While these people might be great at entertaining and throwing a nice party, for most brides and grooms your wedding is the single most important party you will ever throw. Would you leave this in the hands of just anyone, or would you hire a professional? According to Lori, “For a typical wedding, in just the seven days leading up to the wedding, through the day after the wedding, I will field 220 emails, 95 phone calls, and 400 text messages. This can be overwhelming to a bride or family friend, but as a planner, I have the answers that everyone needs.” Liane adds, “It is always beneficial to hire a professional wedding coordinator. The benefits of doing so include; trusted, professional guidance, quality event design, vendor discounts, vendor management, timeline creation, stress free planning and a peace of mind on the wedding day. Our objective is that neither the client nor their family will have to do any work on the wedding day.”
Not only are wedding coordinators beneficial in walking you through all of the steps to have a wonderful stress free wedding, but they are even more necessary for brides having a destination wedding. Liane adds, “Most destination or out-of-state couples choose the Complete Coordination package, as it gives them the security and peace of mind they need as they are planning a destination or long-distance wedding or event, from a distance.”
Lastly, a few words of advice from our professionals. “The best advice I can give to couples on their wedding day, is to remember that the ceremony is the most important part of their wedding day. The ceremony is the moment when their lives, as a couple, begin. Many couples spend all their time, effort and money on a reception and party, and overlook the importance of the actual wedding ceremony. We always encourage our clients to give the wedding ceremony the importance it deserves.” said Liane McCombs. Lori Cole adds, “I would love to say that a wedding planner is an absolute necessity, but it is not. However, if one of your biggest priorities is enjoying the day with your family and friends, and making sure your guests have an amazing experience, then having a planner to walk you through the process from engagement ring, to Mr. and Mrs, is a sound investment.”
Future brides and grooms out there, we at PicBox Photo Booth hope this helps you make the decision of having a wedding coordinator that much easier. HAPPY PLANNING!!!

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